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Rain Garden Leadership Awards

Master Rain Gardeners often take on challenging projects - that solve challenging problems! Read about how some of the most dedicated and resourceful Master Rain Gardeners have taken on big stormwater challenges, and created something beautiful along the way.

2015 Rain Garden Leadership Awards

Award winners 2015_web.jpgMaster Rain Gardener Leadership Award:  Demonstration

1.       Graciela Rubalcava

2.       Stefan Szumko


Master Rain Gardener Leadership Award:  Education

3.       Mark VanBogelen

4.       Roger Moon

5.       David Dye


Master Rain Gardener Leadership Award:  Public Stewardship

6.       Saline District Library – Leslee Niethammer, Helen Prussian, Dan McQueer

7.       Miller Rain Gardens -- Amy Szczepanski


Rain Garden Leadership Award:  Condominium

8.       Geddes Lake Condominiums - David Thrasher, Carole Buttrum

9.       Georgetown Condominiums – Jonathan Parker


Rain Garden Leadership Award:  School

10.   Thurston Elementary/Thurston Nature Center/Thurston PTOFrank Commiskey, Mary Scheaffer-Manthey, Jim Vallem, Catie Wytychak, Praveena Ramaswami, Natasha York.



Other Cool Projects by Master Rain Gardeners

Patrick Reed and the Pickney Village Hall Rain Garden

Janee Kronk and her YouTube video of the evolution of her rain garden.

Cathy Dyer made a video about the rain gardens in Miller Woods, Ann Arbor.

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