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Public Education Materials - Stormwater

Washtenaw County's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Initiative details the specific actions that will be implemented to meet the stormwater permit requirements. The Public Education Program (PEP) is designed to promote, publicize, and facilitate educational materials and activities on stormwater and pollution prevention.

Public Education Materials - Stormwater & Pollution Prevention

Pet Care - What you can do

Car Care - What you can do

Storm Drains - What you can do

Landscaping - What you can do

Fertilizers - What you can do

Household Hazardous Waste - What you can do


Bookmarks – protect the Rouge all season long

Celebrate Rain Gardens

Community Partners for Clean Streams

Community Partners for Clean Streams Handbook (Series 1-9)

Digging a Rain Garden on a Slope

Do you know where your floor drains go?

Do your Part – Be SepticSmart!

Environmental Reporting Line

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) - Protect the Rouge River at Home

FOG Prevention for Businesses

FOG Prevention for Residents

Go Native!

H2O Hero Handbook

H2O Hero Pet Waste

H2O Hero Pet Waste Fact Sheet

Healthy Lawn Care Tips

Help keep pollution out of storm drains

Homeowner's Handbook

Home Toxics Reduction Program

Landscaping for Water Quality – Garden Design for Homeowners

Maintaining Your Detention Pond

Master Rain Gardener Course

Master Rain Gardener Plant List for Washtenaw County

Michigan Native Plant Producers Association

Our water. Our future. Ours to Protect.

Paint Pointers

Prescription Drug Disposal

Prescription Drug Disposal 

Rain Garden Guide for Homeowners - Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3

Rain Garden Plant List – Bird & Butterfly Favorites

Rain Garden Plants – Top 20 in Washtenaw County

RiverSafe Home

The Value of Trees!

Tree & Plant Sale (native) card

Waterfront Wisdom – 7 tips for creating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy waterfront

Waterfront Wisdom – Healthy Habits for Clean Water

Would you know if your Septic System needed surgery?

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