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2015 Stormwater Permit Report

Stormwater Permit Report for Washtenaw County - 2015 periodic report submitted to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) by Washtenaw County for July 2013 through June 2015.

I.  2015 Stormwater Permit Report

 2015 Report

Report Attachments:

II.  Water Quality Assessment

III.  Public Participation Plan

IV.  Public Education Plan

    • Activity #3:  Information in Community Newsletters and on Websites

    • Activity #4:  Local Newspaper and Web Advertisements

    • Activity #5:  Promote Water Resource Protection Workshops

    • Activity #6:  Promote and Support Volunteer Stream Monitoring

    • Activity #7:  Catchbasin/Storm Drain Labeling

    • Activity #8:  Promote County-Wide Complaint Tracking and Response System

    • Activity #9:  Promote Soil Testing

    • Activity #10:  Riparian Land Management Brochures

    • Activity #11:  Stream and River Crossing Road Signs

    • Activity #12: Displays and Outreach at Local and Regional Fairs and Community Events

    • Activity # 13:  Community Partners for Clean Streams

    • Activity #14:  Pollution Prevention Inspections

    • Activity #15:  Green Media

    • Activity #16:  Environmental Excellence Awards

    • Activity #17:  Fats, Oils, and Grease and Litter Reduction

    • Activity #18: River Safe Homes Program

    • Activity #19: Other Public Education Activities Related Specifically to E. coli and phosphorus TMDLs

    • Activity #20: Residential Rain Garden Program

    • Activity #21: Washtenaw County Home Toxics Reduction Program

    • Activity #22: Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs & Personal Care Products/Pharmacy Take-Back Program 

V.  Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan

VI.  Post-Construction Stormwater

VII.  Construction Stormwater

VIII.  Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

IX.  Additional Stormwater Program Information

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