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Water Quality Programs

The Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office offers several water quality programs in which local businesses, institutions, and residents can participate at no cost. Getting involved with these programs is a simple way to protect Washtenaw County waterways, improve the environment, and save some money. For more information, please visit the pages below.


Want to know more about the rivers, creeks and watersheds near you?  View this map.   The Huron River Watershed Council has many summary reports on creek and streams in our area. 


Business Programs       

Street Runoff Infiltration and Green Infrastructure

News You Can Use!

Want to do your part to protect our local waterways?  Are you an h2o Hero? 


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Environmental Excellence Partnership Program

We are launching a new program to assist businesses and non-profit organizations in recognizing, developing and implementing environmentally sound behavior in the areas of water quality protection, waste reduction & recycling and pollution prevention. There are three opportunities for participation:

  1. Community Partners for Clean Streams
  2. Pollution Prevention
  3. Waste Knot

Participation in more than one program is welcome and encouraged! Learn more on our brand new E2P2 website.

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