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riversafe.jpgEvery time we water the lawn, wash the car or even walk the dog, we have the potential to impact our waterways.  You and your family can become a RiverSafe Home through a program from the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Office.  The RiverSafe Homes program was created to enable Washtenaw County residents ways to identify water quality protection activities they currently practice around their homes, and to commit to additional pollution prevention practices they may not have considered before. 

 The RiverSafe Homes brochure gives all the information needed to get acquainted with the topics covered in the survey:A RiverSafe Home proudly displays its RiverSafe Home deal!


  • Home Toxics Disposal

  • Yard Care and Outdoor Housekeeping

  • Car and Vehicle Care

  • Pet and Urban Wildlife Waste

Participants receive a “RiverSafe Home” decal to display at their home.  With over 138,000 households currently in Washtenaw County, the RiverSafe Homes program has a great “cumulative effect” opportunity.  Together, participants display a commitment to water quality protection and reducing pollutants in Washtenaw County waterways.

Take the Survey

Your family could make your home a RiverSafe home. It's easy to do! By completing a user-friendly online survey, residents can pledge to make their homes RiverSafe.  Taking the survey allows any resident to identify water quality protection activities you might already do around the house, and the program helps you commit to other pollution prevention practices you might not have considered before. 

In return for taking the survey and making a commitment to water quality protection, participants receive a RiverSafe Homes marker to display at your home. You can choose from two marker styles once you complete the survey.  Click here to take the survey now!

Additional Infomation

Participants and other interested individuals can join our an e-mail list to receive periodic environmental tips and information. To join our email list, please send an email to Heather Rice, with the word "subscribe-RSH" in the subject line. 

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2014 Fall Newsletter - Pollution prevention tips and information for homeowners

RiverSafe Homes Brochure - download if you'd like more information before taking the online survey

Water Quality: It's in Our Hands - an educational video about what people can do at home to prevent pollution to our rivers and lakes

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