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Special Assessments

2015 Drain Assessments -- 1 year only

2015 Drain Assessments -- Multi-year Debt 

Effective September 17, 2015 drain special assessments were turned over to the local units of Government for processing.  Thereafter, any annual debt payments on multiple year financing projects due this year will appear on the 2015 winter tax bill and will no longer be eligible for payoff. Please call the Water Resources Commissioner’s Office for more information regarding drain debt pay

Under the Drain Code of 1956, the Water Resources Commissioner shall make a special assessment roll for the drain for each county, township, city, and/or village affected.   These assessments cover many of the expenses of locating, establishing and constructing the drain, including maintenance of the drain.

Special Assessment Brochure


For further information concerning the special assessment process, please contact our office at (734) 222-6860.  You can also e-mail inquiries Washtenaw County Water Resources:

If you are requesting Drain Payoff information, please provide the parcel number , a payoff date (include time for the payment to get to our office)  and drain name (if known).

Copies of the Michigan Drain Code are available from the State of Michigan Materials Management Division at (517) 322-5088

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