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"Whitmore Lake Water Quality Shows Marked Improvement"


The Whitmore Lake Water Quality Advisory Board met last month and is excited to report that the efforts to improve lake quality in 2004 were a success. This means the outlook for boating, swimming and fishing this summer is outstanding.

Fluridone, an aquatic herbicide, was applied to the entire lake last summer and was very effective at eliminating 99% of the Eurasian Water Milfoil. This is the weed that covered 2/3 of the lake causing big piles along the shoreline, floated in large clumps all over the lake and entangled your boat prop. The water quality study conducted last year found that phosphorus and nitrogen levels of the lake were extremely low, especially when compared to other Southeast Michigan lakes. Water clarity measurements were as high as 7 meters (21 feet), the biodiversity of the lake has increased and the fishery production has begun to rebound.

On a scale of 1 to 10 the success of the 2004 management activities was a 10, stated Dr. G. Douglas Pullman, President of Aquest Corporation and project consultant. You couldn't have asked for better results...the lake is healthy.

This summer the Water Quality Advisory Board is keeping their eyes on the growth patterns associated with native species which now find an environment free of invasive competition. Additionally, due to the continued presence of the Zebra Mussel attention must be given to the potential for algae growth at nuisance levels.

Whitmore Lake residents can do their part to help keep the lake clean by using zero phosphorous fertilizers, carefully storing and disposing of household chemicals and cleaning up after their pets. Also, leaving a buffer of plants along a portion of their shoreline will help keep runoff from reaching the lake.

Residents can also learn more about the project on the Washtenaw County website.

The Whitmore Lake Improvement Project is a three-year project between Northfield Township, Green Oak Township and the Washtenaw County Board of Public Works. The project is intended to control growth of Eurasian Water Milfoil and other invasive species as well as to improve the overall health of the lake.

Contact Information:

Marshall Labadie,
Whitmore Lake Water Quality Advisory Board
Northfield Township Resident


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