North Lake Improvement Project

This project provides lake improvement to North Lake by providing control of invasive and nuisance aquatic weeds through chemical application and subsequent spot applications for a five year period (2008-2012). The special assessment district for the North Lake Improvement Project is situated within Dexter and Lyndon Townships, Washtenaw County. 

In 2012 a new project was proposed to provide lake improvements to North Lake in Washtenaw County.  It will include control of invasive weeds, maintenance of a lake level control structure and other items, subject to the approval of the Board of Public Works,  that will provide enhanced recreational opportunities for lake properties. The project shall include the application of aquatic herbicides and all necessary regulatory approvals and studies associated with the application of aquatic herbicides.

Publications & Reports

  • "The Laker" Newsletter - July 2013
  • 2012 Lake Management Report
  • Financial Report 2007-2013
  • "The Laker" Newsletter - July 2012
  • 2010 North Lake DNR Fish Study
  • 2011 North Lake Management Opinion
  • 2009 North Lake Management Opinion
  • 2008 North Lake Management Opinion
  • 2008 North Lake DNR Fish Study

      Special Assessment District Information 

      • Notice of Second Public Hearing: Official notice of September 17, 2012 hearing.
      • Notice of First Public Hearing: Official notice of August 13, 2012 hearing.
      • View the complete Special Assessment District by property tax identification number. Listing includes the total Amount Assessed against property over five years.

      Contact Information

          Jeff Krcmarik
          Environmental Supervisor
          Phone: (734) 222-6865
          Fax: (734) 222-3930

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