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Chain of Lakes Improvement Project

2017 Detailed Timeline Activities
10.4.17 Assessment Reduction Memo
Chain of Lakes August 2017 Field Notes
June 2017 field notes
Chain of Lakes 8-25-17 update
Tamarack Lake herbicide application map
Zukey Lake satellite map
Tamarack Lake satellite map
Strawberry Lake satellite map
Portage Baseline Connector Satellite Map
Chain of Lakes Weed Control Activities
This page has information and maps showing aquatic weed control and lake improvement activities and locations. The data on this page will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.
BPW Approved COL PubHear2 Minutes 041917
Chain of Lakes Public Hearing Q & A
Chain of Lakes Boundary Map
Chain of Lakes Improvement Project
This project will provide lake improvements to the Chain of Lakes by controlling invasive and nuisance aquatic weeds through the application of herbicides to the water and mechanical weed harvesting.
2016 Chain of Lakes Management Plan
Map showing Chain of Lakes
Map showing Chain of Lakes
2017 Pesticide Treatment Notice
Baseline Satellite Map
Gallagher Island Canals Satellite Map
Gallagher Lake & Long Lake Satellite Map
Little Portage Lake Satellite Map
Portage Lake Satellite Map
Strawberry Gallagher Long Lake Connector Satellite Map
Tamarack Lake Connector Satellite Map
Whitewood Lake Satellite Map
Portage Baseline Connector Weed Harvesting July Aug 2017
9.8.17 COL Update
COL 2017 Timeline
2018 COL Project Timeline
9.15.17 COL Update
2017 activities updated 9.15.17
10.27.17 COL Workshop
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