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Department of Public Works

The Board of Public Works is authorized and appointed by the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners under Public Act 185 of 1957.  The Board of Public Works focuses on assisting local communities within Washtenaw County in addressing environmental and public health issues and development needs, including wastewater disposal and collection, water treatment and supply, lake management, and solid waste management.  For more information on the Board of Public Works, please contact Michelle Katz at (734) 222-3878.  A list of Public Works programs and activities appears below.  Many of these are performed in partnership with Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division.

Infrastructure Assistance Program

The Division of Public Works can help local communities address their infrastructure needs by providing communities with project management and financial assistance needed to construct wastewater, water supply, and solid waste projects.




Lake Management/Improvement Projects

The Public Works team, with support from the Board of Public Works, can help local communities commence lake management and improvement projects.  Such projects can enhance fisheries habitat, improve water quality, protect and increase property values and enhance recreational opportunities.



Recycling and Solid Waste

(Administered in collaboration with Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division)  

Information on Residential and Commercial Recycling in Washtenaw County along with answers to your solid waste issues.




Used Veg oil

Home Toxics Reduction Program

(Administered in collaboration with Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division)

Details provided about the home toxics collection site and information on common household toxics such as mercury, computers and sharps.



Waste Knot

Waste Knot Program

(Administered in collaboration with Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division)

The Waste Knot Program aims to develop relationships within the Washtenaw County business community to increase waste reduction and recycling activities.  To achieve its mission, the Waste Knot Program provides community-wide recognition and organization-based technical assistance along with value-added education to organizations that exhibit leadership in waste reduction and recycling or to organizations that desire to become leaders in these areas.  There are 225 partners already leading the way in Washtenaw County!



Collection Systems


Residential Solid Waste Profile and Assessment Report


(Administered in collaboration with Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division)

The Washtenaw County Division of Environmental Health completed this project to address the challenges and opportunities facing the county solid waste management system.  The report intends to stimulate discussions of the findings and recommendations and to assist local units of government in developing residential solid waste systems that are convenient and cost-effective, sustainable, promote waste reduction and recycling as well as reduce impacts to the environment and public health.

On September 16, 1992, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners approved the Revised Plan for Remonumentation and Monumentation of the Public Land Survey in Washtenaw County.  Each year since then the Board of Commissioners approved and authorized grant applications to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth, State Survey and Remonumentation Commission.

Public Act 345 of 1991 established the State Survey and Remonumentation law.  This act provides for the remonumentation of all public land survey corners in the State of Michigan.  This act mandated that each county submit a plan to the state detailing how the remonumentation be implemented, administered and maintained.

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