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Meetings and Notices

Meetings and Notifications

Upcoming Events 
Date Time Location

2015 Calendar Statutory Drainage Board
(See below for agendas/minutes)
Sep 21 4:30 pm 220 N. Main, Ann Arbor
Administrator's Meeting Rm
2015 Calendar Board of Public Works 
Regular Meeting
Sep 16 8:30 am 705 N. Zeeb Rd, Ann Arbor
Rm 2010

2015 Day of Review of Apportionments Sep 9 9:00 am -
5:00 pm
705 N. Zeeb Rd, Ann Arbor
Rm 1104 (First Floor)
Notice  -  Map Aspen Ridge Drain Drainage District      
Notice  -  Map Foxfire Ph 2C Drain Drainage District       
Notice  -  Map  Johnson Branch Drain Drainage District       
Notice  - Map  Kelli Meadows Drain Drainage District      
Notice  -  Map  North Branch of Saline & Bridgewater
Drain Drainage District 
Notice  -  Map  Packard Branch of Paint Creek
Drain Drainage District 
Notice  -  Map  Pineview Golf North Drain Drainage District       
Notice  -  Map  Van Deusen Intercounty Drain
Drainage District 
Notice  -  Map  Whittaker Village Drain Drainage District       
Notice  -  Map  Willis Tile Drain Drainage District       


Statutory Drain Board

What is the Statutory Drain Board?


The Statutory Drainage Board will meet at 4:30 p.m.
on the third Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted, at:

220 N. Main
Admin Meeting Room
Ann Arbor, MI 48107
(734) 222-6860

Meeting Schedule for 2015: (click on hyperlink below for agenda and minutes once approved at the next month's meeting)

Statutory Drainage Board





 December 15, 2014       Minutes

 January 12


4:30 pm 



 February 9

4:30 pm Agenda Minutes
 March 23

   4:30 pm  Agenda Minutes 
 April 20

  4:30 pm  Agenda  Minutes 
 May 18

   4:30 pm Agenda  Minutes 
 June 15

  4:30 pm  Agenda  Minutes 
 July 8

  4:30 pm  Agenda  Minutes 
August 17
  4:30 pm  Agenda  Minutes 
September 21
  4:30 pm  Agenda  Minutes 
October 19
  4:30 pm  Agenda  Minutes 
 November 16

  4:30 pm  Agenda  Minutes 
December 21     4:30 pm Agenda  Minutes 


These meeting dates are subject to change or cancellation as needed. Please call or e-mail to verify if you are interested in attending.


Board of Public Works Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

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