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Water Resources Meetings and Notices

Notices and Upcoming Meetings

2017 Calendar

Statutory Drainage Board 

Notice of Date Change for May Meeting

May 25 4:30 pm  Western County Service Center
705 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor
Rm 1105

2017 Calendar

Board of Public Works May 17 8:30 am

Western County Service Center
705 N. Zeeb Road
Ann Arbor
Rm 2010

2017 Calendar

Washtenaw County
Solid Waste Planning

May 10 5:30 pm  Western County Service Center
MSU Ext Classroom, Lower Level
705 N. Zeeb Rd, Ann Arbor
 Notice  Sump Intercounty Drainage Board Meeting Apr
Lyon Township
58000 Grand River Ave.
New Holland, MI  


The STATUTORY DRAINAGE BOARD meets monthly in the County Administration Building to oversee the management of drains established under Chapter 20 of the Michigan Drain Code, which are established for the public health, convenience or welfare. Chapter Twenty-one provides for procedures in multi-county projects. They parallel the Chapter Twenty procedures with a few exceptions.

A three-member board consisting of the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner, the Chair of the Board of Commissioners, and one additional member of the Board of Commissioners is charged with oversight of Chapter 20 and 21 drains. The members of the Washtenaw County Statutory Drainage Board in 2017 include:

Evan Pratt, Water Resources Commissioner
Andy LaBarre, County Commissioner 
Felicia Brabec, County Commissioner

2017 Statutory Drainage Board Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

Archived Minutes

For additional information, please contact Mallory Walczesky at 734-222-3835.

WASHTENAW COUNTY SOLID WASTE PLANNING COMMITTEE The main purpose of the Solid Waste Management Plan is to protect public health, to assure adequate disposal capacity for all waste generated within County borders, and to establish goals for waste prevention and recycling. The Solid Waste Management Plan builds on the infrastructure currently in place throughout Washtenaw County, while seeking to increase waste diversion.

2015-2016 Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

For more information, please contact Jeff Krcmarik at 734-222-6865.

The BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS meets monthly in the Western Washtenaw Service Center and is authorized and appointed by the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners under Public Act 185 of 1957.  The BPW focuses on assisting local communities within Washtenaw County in addressing environmental and public health issues and development needs, including wastewater disposal and collection, water treatment and supply, lake management, and solid waste and recycling management.

Members of the 2017 Board of Public Works

2017 Board of Public Works Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

Archived Minutes

For more information, contact Michelle Katz at 734-222-3878. 

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