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Washtenaw County Public Health Grant Funding Available

Applications for community projects due Nov. 3

Washtenaw County Public Health is seeking proposals for projects that create or improve access to healthier foods and/or safe and enjoyable public spaces for physical activity. Ideal projects will create lasting change and support health equity by engaging residents and investing resources where most needed in Washtenaw County.

“Our health is shaped not only by personal choices, but also by our physical and social environments, as well as policies, in our communities,” says Tedi Milgrom, health educator at Washtenaw County Public Health. “Washtenaw County offers many opportunities to connect with the local food system and has a range of parks, natural areas, trails, and other recreational facilities to enjoy. We want to build upon these existing attributes to ensure that all our residents live in communities that fully support their health.”

Eligible applicants include any local government department, agency, or other instrumentality of a local government. Other eligible applicants include public school districts, Indian Tribal organizations, 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, and community groups (e.g. neighborhood or health coalitions). Washtenaw County Public Health anticipates funding up to eight projects (six projects at $5,000 or less and approximately two at $10,000 each).

There will be an informational conference call on Friday, Oct. 13 and proposals are due by 3pm on Friday, Nov. 3. For further information, including the Request for Proposals and application requirements, visit Washtenaw County’s open bids webpage.

Building Healthy Communities

This funding is through Washtenaw County Public Health’s Building Healthy Communities program. Building Healthy Communities creates policy, system, and environment changes that support physical activity and healthy eating. The program is funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and aims to reduce cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other chronic conditions. Washtenaw County Public Health works with partners and residents to implement local projects where they are most needed and can be most effective.

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