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Support our local farmers markets. There's one near you!


Did you know there are more than 220 farmers markets in Michigan? Check out the affordable, healthy food you can find right in your neighborhood.

Support our local farmers markets. There's one near you!

MI Farmers Markets

This number continues to grow each year and has skyrocketed from 90 markets counted in 2001. Finding one near you is easy. Here's a list of local farmers markets

Why should you shop at a farmers market?


1. Buying Locallyknow your farmer sign

Buying from your local farmer allows you to support small, local farmers and agriculture. This means that the food you are eating does not require the waste of energy and petroleum to ship the food half-way around the world.

2. Talk Directly to the Farmer

You can learn about growing methods, and then decide for yourself what is important.  

3. Supporting Your Local Economy & Farmers

Dollars spent locally also circulate locally, supporting your community’s economy and local businesses. Not only will your money be staying in the area, but you will support the the farmer (and his family) that worked to grow that food.

4. Eat Seasonally

By shopping at your local farmers market, you will eat seasonally, fresh and ripe, increasing  your overall health. Supermarkets offer a large variety of food which is picked before it has ripened decreasing its vitality and nutrients.

5. Safer Foodsfamily market

Food from your local farmers market is generally safer. Remember the  outbreak of E. coli in bagged spinach? These outbreaks happen mostly in large industrial settings, where business-men work to mass produce food, ship to storehouses where it is combined with food shipped from other parts of the country and contamination can cross over. 

6. Fresher Fruits & Veggies

The food from your local farmers market is, quite frankly, fresher.  Because it was grown locally, there is a good chance that the greens you buy from the farmer were picked a yesterday. This is impossible in a big supermarket.

7. Great Variety of Fruits and Vegetables  

There is usually an amazing variety of fruits and veggies at your local farmers market.  Each farmer may have his own methods and varieities of tomatoes, greens or peppers. At the market you can discuss what the product is, how to cook and store it.

8. Better Taste  potatoes

There is no doubt that locally-grown foods simply taste better. You may never eat a potato from the grocery store again!

9. It’s Healthy!

Eating fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables is great for your health. Buy some local honey, it’s delicious!

10. Most Importantly — It’s Fun!

Meeting family and friends at the local farmers markes is fun and a great way to stay connected to the people in your town.


      There are markets from Ypsilanti to Manchester and from Saline to St. Joe's and beyond!

      Find them right here.



        Please visit for a full list of Michigan farmers markets

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