Tobacco Reduction Coalition

This community-based coalition's goal is to prevent tobacco use and promote tobacco free lifestyles among Washtenaw County citizens.  Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) provides funding for Public Health to support the coalition.

When does the Tobacco Reduction Coalition meet?

The coalition is an active partner with the Ypsilanti Health Coalition.  This partnership allows for collaboration with other local agenies / community-based organizations to reduce tobacco use and second hand smoke among county residents. Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of the month from 11:30am to 1pm at the Washtenaw Community College Harriet Street Center.  For more information contact DeBorah Borden at (734) 544-6874 or

Who is the Washtenaw County Tobacco Reduction Coalition?

The Washtenaw County Tobacco Reduction Coalition was formed in January of 1989 to focus public attention on promoting healthier lifestyles through the reduction of tobacco use. The Coalitions mission is to inform and advocate for the enactment of tobacco related Michigan legislation, provide support for established smoking cessation programs in the county and to collaborate with local agencies, coalitions and the Washtenaw County Health Department to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke in the community.

Activities of the Coalition

  • Actively collaborates with the Washtenaw County Health Improvement Plan (HIP) to improve the health of county residents through the reduction of tobacco and secondhand smoke.

  • Produces and maintains a brochure listing all smoking cessation programs in the county.

  • Supports the Washtenaw Asthma Coalition in their efforts to provide education and smoking cessation materials to asthma patients in communities of color, lower income individuals and pregnant women.

  • Supports federal, state, and local legislative issues for cleaner air.

  • Advocates in favor of smoke-free polices and environments at the local, state and national levels.

Goals and Objectives

  • Mobilize community agencies and resources to increase the number of quit attempts and the success of persons attempting to quit tobacco use in the community.

  • Educate local business leaders on the economic and public health benefits of creating smoke free environments.

  • Provide support for key policy makers interested in local regulation of secondhand tobacco smoke.

  • Consults with local schools and community-based organizations on issues related to tobacco prevention and smoking cessation.

Get Involved!

Become a member of the Washtenaw County Tobacco Reduction Coalition and advocate for improved health in your community. Protect youth in our community from tobacco by checking to see that the Michigan Youth Tobacco Law is posted at the point of sale in all retail establishments that sell tobacco products. Any Washtenaw County resident can join the coalition.

Information on Tobacco Issues in Washtenaw County:

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