The Health Improvement Plan of Washtenaw County is supported by the following partner agencies, who contribute funding, physical support and leadership to HIP. They are:

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We are also supported by the participation in our Community Health Committee, Implementation and Coordinating Teams by a wide range of agencies, community volunteers, and funding organizations:

Community Health Committee Leadership:

Mercedes Brown, JD, MSW
Co-Chair, Community Health Committee
Corner Health Center 
Diane Carr
Co-Chair, Community Health Committee
Ann Arbor YMCA

Coordinating Team Members:

Reiley Curran
5 Healthy Towns

Pam Smith, Bridget Healy
United Way of Washtenaw County

Michael Miller, Elisabeth Vanderpool
Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

Naomi Norman
Washtenaw Intermediate School District

Ellen Rabinowitz
Washtenaw County Public Health

Alfreda Rooks, Maria Thomas
University of Michigan Health System

Tricia Piechowski
University of Michigan Institute for Clinic and Health Research

Partner Organizations

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