Year 2020 Health Objectives

Established in 2007, the Health Improvement Plan of Washtenaw County Year 2020 Objectives focus our community efforts and provide an avenue for measuring progress. Health objectives fall into four categories: Healthy Kids, Healthy Adults, Health Older Adults, and Healthy Communities. In 2012, HIP completed a mid-course review on progress toward achieving these objectives.  

HIP Objectives Brochure (pdf)

2012 Progress Report on 2020 Objectives (pdf)

Focus Areas

HIP partners have selected four health areas within which to unify their efforts and strategies. These Focus Areas were selected for their role in the development of numerous chronic conditions, their ability to be addressed successfully across many organizations, the extent they contribute to health disparities, community readiness, and resource availability.

Priority Groups

HIP partners chose to categorize the Objectives into Priority Groups which are primarily based on age; however, in order to bring attention to Objectives that improve community health by making changes to policies and the built environment, a Healthy Communities Priority Group was established.

Critical Health Issues

Within each Priority Group, Objectives are further categorized by the broad health issue they address. These categories are called Critical Health Issues and include:


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