HIP Survey Data

2010 and 2005 HIP survey data are now available online! 

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2015 HIP Survey

HIP staff and partners are busy planning the 2015 HIP Survey. We are aiming to again interview approximately 2,000 adults in Washtenaw County. In 2015, landline and cell phones will be sampled.  We are also interested in allowing respondents to complete the survey online or on paper. Contact Lily Guzman with comments or questions about this survey - guzmanL@ewashtenaw.org

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Trends

In February, 2014, we asked the HIP Community Health Committee and all HIP partners to complete a questionnaire about the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends (SWOTT) of the HIP Survey. We received responses from 36 individuals. A summary of the data was presented to our HIP Coordinating and Implementation teams on March 10. We are in the process of writing up an executive summary of the results and related action plan. 

  • 2015 HIP Survey SWOTT raw data
  • 2015 HIP Survey SWOTT summary report (coming soon)
  • 2015 HIP Survey SWOTT executive summary and action plan (coming soon)

HIP Survey

  • How many Washtenaw County residents smoke?
  • How often do we exercise?
  • How many children in our community have asthma?

Woman talking on phoneThe data for these questions and many more are available from the 2005 and 2010 HIP surveys. Every five years the Washtenaw County Health Improvement Plan (HIP) survey is conducted in our community. In both 2005 and 2010, over 2000 adults in Washtenaw County were interviewed by phone about their health status and health behavior. In addition, over 600 of the adults reported on the health status of one child in the household.  

The HIP survey is based on a random-digit dial landline sample (cell phones were not included).  Survey responses are weighted to reflect the demographic characteristics of Washtenaw County.  The data are also available by region of the County and many of the questions can be viewed on a map.

Most of the questions in the 2005  and 2010 HIP surveys are based on the Behavioral Risk Factor Survey (BRFS), so local data can be directly compared to state and national data.

Many of the survey questions have been asked since 1995, allowing for trends to emerge.  Click here to view the 2005-2010 HIP Trend Data slides.

Trend Data too

The 2005 and 2010 HIP surveys were made possible by a collaborative community effort. The following organizations funded the surveys:

  • Washtenaw County Public Health (2005 and 2010)
  • University of Michigan Health System (2005 and 2010)
  • Saint Joseph Mercy Health System (2005 and 2010)
  • Chelsea Community Hospital (2005 and 2010)
  • Chelsea Wellness Foundation (2010)
  • Thompson-Reuters (2010)
  • Pfizer (2005)
  • Washtenaw United Way (2005 and 2010)

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