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Health Improvement Plan of Washtenaw County

Every 5 years, the HIP Survey is conducted in our community. The 2015 survey data is now online. Over 2,900 residents participated. Survey data from 2005 and 2010 is also available in the database. For more information visit the HIP Survey Data webpage.

May Community Health Committee (CHC) Meeting

Environmental Health is Public Health: the Flint Water Crisis and the Washtenaw County Dioxane Contamination Meeting Materials

The Flint water crisis put environmental health back in the local and national news. This meeting explored what and why it happened and what community based organizations are doing to prevent it from happening again. We also discussed one of our local environmental health challenges, the Washtenaw County 1,4-dioxane contamination, and what we can all do to reduce toxins in our communities and how to address common routes of lead exposure and lead testing for children.  


Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan

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