Who is eligible for CSHCS?

Several factors decide whether a person is eligible for CSHCS: 

    • Residency: Must be a Michigan resident 
    • Citizenship: Must be a US citizen or documented non-citizen admitted for permanent residence or a non-citizen legally admitted migrant farm worker (i.e., seasonal agricultural worker). 
    • Age: Children must have a qualifying medical condition and be 20 years old or under.  Persons 21 and older with cystic fibrosis or certain hereditary blood coagulation disorders commonly known as hemophilia may also qualify. 
    • Qualifying Medical condition: A MDCH medical consultant reviews each case to determine eligibility.  Severity and chronicity of the person's condition as well as the need for treatment by a specialist are factors considered.  More than 2,500 diagnoses are potentially eligible.  Click here for a list of these diagnoses  .  


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