Washtenaw County Medical Reserve Corps

The Washtenaw County Medical Reserve Corps (WC MRC) is dedicated to ensuring that Washtenaw County residents enjoy the best possible access to preventative care, medical treatment, and information in emergency situations. This can be accomplished through partnerships with the community to organize and train local public health, medical and other volunteers to supplement existing emergency response capabilities. 

Having an organized, credentialed, and trained Medical Reserve Corps will enable members to effectively respond to local emergencies. 

Washtenaw County Public Health needs your help to protect the health and safety of Washtenaw County residents during an emergency! We are always accepting new members and need both medical and non-medically trained volunteers.  

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The WC MRC unit received its official registration on July 11, 2009 from the Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps and is housed within the Emergency Preparedness Division of Washtenaw County Public Health. 

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