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H1N1 Survey

Got an opinion about swine flu? Over 900 individuals told us!

Washtenaw County Public Health offered a survey to gather community input about our local response to the H1N1 or swine flu pandemic. The survey was available online and at participating community locations between February and June 2010. It was available in English and Spanish. A total of 910 individuals and 34 organizations completed the survey.

“I am sure that it is difficult to deal with something like H1N1. If you aren’t successful, people will be upset that you didn’t do more to get people vaccinated. If you are successful, people just assume that nothing would have happened anyway and it was just sensationalism…” – Survey Respondent.

Overall, 44% of respondents reported that they received an H1N1 vaccination, and almost half of them (47%) received it from their health care provider or at a hospital. The primary reason respondents selected for receiving a vaccination was “to stay healthy.”   

Many respondents recounted their individual experiences with H1N1 vaccination. Some offered praise and expressed satisfaction, while others had criticisms or recommendations. Many expressed frustration with the vaccine supply issues, which created severe shortages in Washtenaw County and elsewhere.


In addition to vaccination, reduce your chances of getting influenza or other communicable diseases by staying as healthy as possible and by practicing basic prevention. Eat well, exercise and rest. Wash your hands properly, cover your cough and stay away from others if you are ill.

Visit our flu page for current information about Public Health's flu clinics and appointments.

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