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Emergency Preparedness

NEW - Emergency Preparedness Checklist


Washtenaw County Public Health is working to protect your health in the event of an emergency. You can help by taking care of your heanulllth and preparing ahead of time.

How do I get emergency information from local Public Health?

* Visit the Public Health website

* Use the Emergency Alert System

* Join our emergency email group

* Call Public Health at  734-544-6700

* Call 211 or referrals or updates

* Register for official texts via Nixle

* Find us on Facebook or Twitter

Dispense Medicines in an Emergency

If a disease outbreak required dispensing medicines to the entire population, would your clients, residents or employees be able to access a public dispensing site?  Or would they be better served if you organization provided emergency dispensing services? Learn more about protecting your employees or clients and keeping your business running during a health crisis. 

Contact Amanda Ng at 734-544-2973 or

Jump Start Your Preparedness Plans

Disasters can happen at any time. Severe weather, accidents or hazardous materials have the potential to harm almost any home, school or business. Are you prepared? See  Individual and Family Preparedness and start today!

Stay Informed

Washtenaw County Public Health is responsible for protecting your health in the event of an infectious disease outbreak. Such an outbreak could happen naturally, or as the result of bioterrorism. Understand the potential threats and how to protect yourself, see Pandemic Influenza Information, or visit Communicable Disease for fact sheets and local statistics.

Community Organizations and Nonprofits

Diversity is one of our greatest strengths and enriches our community. It also means we Icon for email alert listservmay have different abilities to respond in an emergency. Is your organization or group capable of assisting others in an emergency? Are you able to reach your clients, employees or residents quickly with critical information? Can you provide support, such as translation or interpretation?

Sign up for our  Emergency Information Email Group. Download specific resources. Or, contact us to talk about your organization or community group.


Are you willing to help during a health emergency? General and medical volunteers will be needed. Learn more.

Contact Us

Want more information about Washtenaw County's preparedness activities? Contact our Public Health Preparedness Administrator - Cindra James. To request a presentation or educational materials, contact Amanda Ng. Or, call 734-544-6700.

In an emergency, help may not reach everyone quickly.
Be prepared. Have a plan and supplies.



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