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Washtenaw County Flu Activity

June 22, 2016:

The flu season appears to be over, with the last cases reported in Washtenaw County two weeks ago.   Sporadic cases are possible during the summer months. For this flu season, influenza A/H1N1 was the dominant strain until the end of March.  In April and May, a mix of influenza B and A/H3 was reported. 

Influenza-Associated Hospitalizations and Deaths
in Washtenaw Residents: 2015-16*


week ending

Total adult deaths

Total child deaths




*Flu Season starting Oct 4, 2015

Influenza Activity In Washtenaw County for Current Season (2015-16)

Local flu activity for 2015-16 season (pdf) 

Flu hospitalizations for 2015-16 (pdf)

Influenza Activity for Past Seasons

2014 - 15 Season

2013 - 2014 Season

2012 - 2013 Season

2011 - 2012 Season

Seasons Prior to 2011


Washtenaw County Public Health Influenza Information web page


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