Washtenaw County Flu Activity

May 14, 2014:  

Influenza continues to circulate at low levels in Washtenaw County.  A mix of A and B viruses have been diagnosed in the past few weeks.  We peaked locally during the first week of January. Influenza A/H1N1 was the dominant strain this season. Respiratory illness rates in schools and child care centers are low.  
Local hospitalizations associated with influenza infection continue.  The age range of hospitalizations in Washtenaw residents to date is 1 month to 91 years, with almost half under the age of 50 (this is typical for A/H1N1).  The flu-related deaths have been in older adults with underlying high-risk health conditions.   
Flu curves and hospitalization data from current and previous seasons are available below.

Influenza-Associated Hospitalizations and Deaths
in Washtenaw Residents: 2013-14*

Total Hospitalizations

Hospitalizations for 
week ending May 10

Total adult deaths Total child deaths




*Flu Season starting Sept 29, 2013

Influenza Activity for Current Season

Local flu activity in 2013-14 season (pdf)

Hospitalizations for 2013-14 (pdf)

Influenza Activity for Past Seasons

Analysis of Washtenaw Flu Hospitalizations 2012-2013 (pdf)

Hospitalizations for 2012-13 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2012-13 season (pdf)

Summary of flu-associated hospitalizations and deaths in 2011-12 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2011-12 season (pdf)

Summary of flu-associated hospitalizations and deaths in 2010-11 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2010-11 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2009-10 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2008-09 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2007-08 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2006-07 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2005-06 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2004-05 season (pdf)

Local flu activity in 2003-04 season (pdf)


Washtenaw County Public Health Influenza Information web page


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