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Flu hospitalizations 2015-16 Final
Michigan Lyme map 2015
Lyme map
Birth Defects
Flu graph 2015-16 Final
Flu hospitalizations 1June2016
Chickenpox report form 2016
Flu graph 1June2016
Hepatitis C trends 2015
Pertussis summary Washtenaw Co 2015
Washtenaw Flu Vaccine 2014-15
Pertussis graph 3Dec2015
Chickenpox summary 2012-14
Washtenaw Flu Hospitalization Summary 2014-15
Ebola - Active Monitoring in Washtenaw County
Washtenaw County Public Health is no longer monitoring returning travelers. We remain ready to continue monitoring activities, if necessary, and with the guidance of state and federal health authorities.
Flu hospitalizations FINAL 2014-15
Flu graph FINAL 2014-15
Hepatitis C trends 2014
Ann Arbor rabies map 2004-14
Lyme Disease and Ticks in Washtenaw County
All Washtenaw residents diagnosed with Lyme disease are reported to Washtenaw County Public Health.
Washtenaw rabies map 2003-14
Pertussis Summary 2014
Pertussis Summary 2013
School disease reporting form 2015-16
2013-14 Flu Vaccine Coverage
2013-14 Flu Hospitalization Summary
Flu hospitalizations 2013-14 Final
Flu graph 2013-14 FINAL
Flu analysis 2010-13
Hepatitis C Trends
Flu hospitalizations 2012-13 FINAL
Flu graph 2012-13 Final
Disease Report Form 2016
Flu hospitalizations 26April2013
Bite report form 2016
2011-12 Flu graph FINAL
2011-12 Flu Hospitalization Summary
Rabies map Washtenaw County 2003 - 2012
Rabies map Ann Arbor 2007 - May 2012
MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus)
Flu Hospitalization Summary 2010-2011
Bite report July2011
Flu graph 28April2011
Pertussis in Washtenaw County
Pertussis or "whooping cough" continues to be diagnosed in Washtenaw County.
Flu hospitalizations 31March11
Communicable Disease
Disease Reporting
Influenza ("The Flu")
Communicable Disease Fact Sheets
Tuberculosis (TB)
Communicable Disease Data
Flu Vaccine for 2015-16
Seasonal flu vaccine is available at Washtenaw County Public Health.
Animal Bites & Bats & Rabies
The Diseases Prevented by Vaccines
Washtenaw County Flu Activity
Health Statistics
CD rules
CD Fact Sheets
hand washing
rabies-check it out before
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