Flu hospitalizations 18March2015
Flu graph 18March2015
Pertussis Summary 2014
Pertussis Summary 2013
Pertussis graph 10March2015
Flu hospitalizations 4March2015
Flu graph 4March2015
School disease reporting form 2015
2013-14 Flu Vaccine Coverage
2013-14 Flu Hospitalization Summary
Flu hospitalizations 2013-14 Final
Flu graph 2013-14 FINAL
Flu analysis 2010-13
Hepatitis C Trends
Flu hospitalizations 2012-13 FINAL
Flu graph 2012-13 Final
Disease Report Form 2013
Flu hospitalizations 26April2013
Bite report form
2011-12 Flu graph FINAL
2011-12 Flu Hospitalization Summary
Rabies map Washtenaw County 2003 - 2012
Rabies map Ann Arbor 2007 - May 2012
MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus)
Flu Hospitalization Summary 2010-2011
Bite report July2011
Pertussis in Washtenaw County
Pertussis or "whooping cough" is being diagnosed in Washtenaw County.
Flu graph 28April2011
Flu hospitalizations 31March11
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