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health equity


What helps people achieve good health?


What is Meant by Health Equity?

Health Equity is attainment of the highest level of health for all people and is often described as the absence of differences in health between groups.  Learn more definitions.

Why Health Equity?

Because achieving health equity is the underpinning for all of our programs

Increase Your Awareness of Health Equity

What does health equity, or inquity, look like? Check out our health equity in pictures

Health Equity Videos

We have gathered some videos that may help you understand more about health equity and health inequities

Taking Action in Washtenaw County

Policy development and decision-making

  • Washtenaw County Public Health is committed to ensuring that promoting equity is intentionally considered in the development and implementation of key policies and programs and in funding decisions.

    Internal education & communication

  • Since the start of the initiative, Washtenaw County Public Health Staff have participated in dialogues and trainings about equity and social justice. We've also gone out in the community and presented the PBS series “Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?” and participated in community dialogues. The dialogues serve to educate employees about root causes of inequities and to spark discussion about how to address inequities as part of programs, divisions and departments.

    Community Partners

  • WCPH is in a great position to unite those with a commitment to eliminating health inequities. But we cannot do this work in isolation. Achieving health equity will require the cooperation and coordination of organizations working across many disciplines and fields (e.g., urban planning, sociology, epidemiology, labor, etc.) as well as the lay public.  


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