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Your HIV Test Results

HIV treatment and emotions around a diagnosis of HIV can be more complex than other sexual transmitted diseases. Think ahead about getting your results. Are there people you can contact for support? If so, arrange to call a friend, partner or family member after you get your results. Or, you may consider having someone come with you to your appointment.

If you do test positive, here are some tips on what to do next:

  1. Find any emotional support you need. It may help to talk with family or friends or a professional counselor. Some people need a little time on their own before they start talking about it with others. 
  2. Find a healthcare provider. Even if you feel healthy, find a healthcare provider and talk about treatment options or other health issues you may have. Treatments for HIV are easier to take than ever, and there's no reason to wait to get into care. See Resources for People Living with HIV for local providers.
  3. Tell any previous sex partners. If you think you may have exposed someone to HIV, it's important to let them know. If you feel uneasy about doing this, the Washtenaw County Health Department can help. Our certified HIV testing counselor can be with you when you talk with partners or give you some advice on how to do it yourself. The testing counselor can also contact your partners for you to explain that a previous sex partner has tested positive for HIV and offer free HIV testing. No information is given about you. 
All of these services are free. For more information, contact Heather Wolf at 734-544-3063 or at
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