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Street Soccer PORT: SSPORT

The SSPORT program is a local soccer team for homeless adults in Washtenaw County. Players aren't required to be homeless to participate in weekly practices and scrimmages-it is open for anyone who is looking for a healthy, sober, recovery-sensitive, and fun activity! However, the teams that travel to participate in Street Soccer USA annual Cups are comprised of homeless individuals because SSUSA is an organization whose purpose is to raise awareness, implement social change, and end homelessness through sport. These types of programs have shown to provide a milieu for improving mental and physical health, improving self-esteem and sense of worth, nurturing self-empowerment, facilitating teamwork and team-building skills, and fostering a sense of purpose, direction, and plan to get there.

2016 Soccerthon 

Our "mini soccerthon" on April 30th was quite a success, especially considering its small size. 

Thank you to our supporters WideWorld Sports Center, Dawn Farm Recovery, and CMH Youth And Family--Martha Hashimoto was single-handedly responsible for booking three teams--thank you Martha!!!

For the first time, the Staff beat the SSPORT players: 9-5.  SSPORT had an early lead, but Staff started racking up points in the second half, and showed no mercy after that!

Most importantly, donations reached over $900.00!

THANK YOU to all who supported, assisted, played, and donated.

We are working with Dawn Farm to build a team to take to the Street Soccer US Cup in Philadelphia in May.  For more details about the Cup, visit:





Our Sponsors and Supporters


Soccer Donations

2013 Fundraiser

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Sara Silvennoinen: 734-330-9136 or
Linda Bacigalupi: 734-222-3768 or
James Bastian: 734-474-2417 or


Co-coaches Sara, James, and Linda in back row;
Volunteers Dave Altherr and Brad Wiley in front row. 


Follow us on our Facebook page "S.S. PORT"

or, check out our website at



Our Sponsors and Supporters

Delonis Center:
Wide World Sports Center: 


For S.S. PORT archives, go to:                                                             


Soccer Donations


S.S. PORT runs on donated equipment, funds and practice space only.  If you would like to donate, please call or email contacts listed above.  If writing a check for donation, please make check payable to: SAWC fbo SSPORT.  Right now, we are in need of:

*Soccer shorts (all sizes)
*Indoor and outdoor cleats (small sizes for women/6-7.5 and large sizes for men/11-13) 


2013 Soccerthon Fundraiser

December 7, 2013, we held our second "Soccerthon" to raise money for the S.S. PORT Program. Thirteen sets of teams played for 13 hours straight for three common causes: to raise awareness, raise money for the program, and have FUN!  All three of our goals were met: we raised over $2000 for the program, members of several diverse community organizations and individuals from many walks of life participated, and fun was had by all!


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