Saline Sustainability Circle

Saline Sustainability Circle (SSC)

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Also, a copy of the Regional Planning Guidelines is available at local Township Halls, Saline City Hall , the Saline District Library, and on the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce website.


SSC Members

  • City of Saline
  • Lodi Township
  • Pittsfield Township
  • Saline Township
  • York Township
  • Saline Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Saline Area Schools


The Saline Sustainability Circle (SSC) was formed by a group of community leaders concerned about community issues and growth pressures in the Saline area. Representatives from the City of Saline , the Townships of Lodi, Pittsfield , Saline, and York , the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, and Saline Area Schools have participated in the process.  The overall objective in creating the Regional Planning Guidelines is to help guide future events by providing a resource of information and community participation to help achieve a better environment in which to live, work and play. Better decision-making and communication between communities is an important by-product of this effort.

It should be emphasized that the Regional Planning Guidelines are not meant to usurp local control of land use.  Instead, the Regional Planning Guidelines provide the basis upon which local unit master plans can be developed, and in turn zoning and land use decisions are made.   The plan is meant to serve as a resource that local communities in the Saline area can consult to address local community issues related to growth and development.

The planning process was initiated with a Community-wide visioning session held on October 20, 2001 .  Approximately 40 residents of the region and concerned citizens attended the session.  The participation and input provided during the visioning session was the basis by which the Saline Sustainability Circle Regional Planning Guidelines were developed.

Contact Information

Brett Lenart, Community Planning Supervisor

Office of Strategic Planning

Washtenaw County

P.O. Box 8645, 110 N. Fourth Ave.

Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645

(734) 222-3860

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