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Milan Organization for Regional Excellence

Milan Organization for Regional Excellence, MORE

MORE Members

  • York Township
  • City of Milan 
  • Augusta Township
  • Milan Township , Monroe County
  • London Township , Monroe County
  • Milan Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Milan Area Schools

The Milan Organization for Regional Excellence (MORE) was formed by a group of community leaders concerned about community issues and growth pressures in the Milan area. The team consists of representatives from the Milan Area Chamber of Commerce, the Townships of Augusta and York in Washtenaw County , London and Milan Townships in Monroe County and the City of Milan , as well as participation from Milan Area Schools. This is one of a kind group in the State that has formed that straddles into two counties. The group of communities has worked together for several years on different community issues. Currently the three communities of Milan City , Milan Township , and York Township are working cooperatively to develop a plan by which to develop a long-term intergovernmental plan and agreement for growth for the areas including and adjoining to the City of Milan .

MORE Regional Plan

It should be emphasized that the Regional Plan is not meant to usurp local control of land use. Instead, the Regional Plan provides the basis upon which local unit master plans can be developed, and in turn zoning and land use decisions are made. The plan is meant to serve as a resource that local communities in the Milan area can consult to address local community issues related to growth and development.

Contact Information
Kym Muckler, Mayor, City of Milan  (734) 439-1501 ph.
Joe Zurawski, Supervisor, York Township (734) 439-8842 ph.

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