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Dexter Area Regional Team (DART)

Dexter Area Regional Team (DART) will be holding its meetings concurrently with the Chelsea Area Planning Team (CAPT).  Please click  HERE for the CAPT/DART meeting schedule.

The Dexter Area Regional Team members include:

The CAPT/DART alliance was formed in 2005 in order to better address issues in northwest Washtenaw County that cross jurisdiction boundaries. Because of geographical overlap, as well as shared regional issues, the groups have been cooperating for several years with the objective of maintaining and enhancing the living, working and playing environment. This regional cooperation enables better decision making and consistency across jurisdictional boundaries and more efficiently addresses community issues such as growth pressures, traffic and the environment. Planning as a region also allows for these jurisdictions to pool resources in order to better address such issues. As CAPT/DART continues to work together, they continue to provide support to their local plans and improved service to residents.

Contact Information
Anya Dale, Associate Planner
Washtenaw County
Office of Strategic Planning
P.O. Box 8645, 110 N. Fourth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645
(734) 222-6848

Last Updated: 11/24/08

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