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Fire Service Collaboration Resources


Related Background CAPT/DART Community Information
CAPT/DART Fire Services Map
GIS Fire Suppression & Emergency Medical Services Response Capabilities Analysis
CAFA Articles
1985 DAFD Interlocal Agreement
CAFA Dexter Executed Contract 1-26-09
Combined Community Background Matrix - WORKING DOCUMENT
CAPT/DART Regional Profile from SEMCOG
CAFA Station Map
CAPT/DART with Dexter Townhall Rd. Map
CAPT/DART with Mulit-Lakes Map
DAFD Multi-Lakes / Webster Map
DAFD Station Map
Dexter Townhall Station Map
Multi-Lakes Station Map
Scio Station Map
Webster Station Map

Example Collaborations: Studies and Reports
Grosse Pointe Communities Fire Collaboration Proposal
Washtenaw Metro Alliance Fire Group Report 2006
Macomb Fire Study, Report and Plan

Other Resources:
Buying and Selling Fire Protection, Lynn Harvey
SEMCOG AgileGov database:
SEMCOG PowerPoint Presentation of Fire Collaborations:
SEMCOG Resources for Improving Local Government Efficiency:
Michigan Suburbs Alliance Fire Service Collaboration How-to Manual:
4/20/09 Presentation by Dave Boerger, SEMCOG

SEMCOGs Analysis for Fire Collaboration:
Potential Fire Collaboration Analysis
Attachment I: Fire Services Map
Attachment II: Collaboration Matrix

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