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Photo Monitor

Do you have a love of photography? Then consider becoming a PhotoMonitor

Mission: Our mission is to support the people we serve in leading lives rich in community membership and personal fulfillment.

Purpose of this position: PhotoMonitors use their skills and love of photography to tell a story about how people and nature can have a harmonious, generative relationship. They document landscapes, details of plants and animals, as well as people and their activites. Specifically, nature photomonitoring seeks to duplicate the same photo frame over the course of many seasons to document the transformation that happens as we care for our lands and waters.

Typical Duties: Photograph people and nature, recording changes in the environment. Navigate to a specific management site on a map. Using the previous years photograph as a reference, determine the position and angle and duplicate it as closely as possible.

Required Qualifications:

  • An enjoyment of time spent outdoors.
  • An interest in nature.
  • Have a digital camera.
  • Ability to work independently.

Estimated total time commitment: 1-4 days per month. To show changes, repeat visits to the same site are necessary.

Preferred day and/or time of the week: Any, but the best shots are early morning and late afternoon.

How will a volunteer benefit from this position? You will learn plant identification, habitats, ecology, and restoration of natural areas while building a portfolio of your work. You will also reap the physical and emotional benefits of being in nature. You can sharpen your skills as a photographer and can explore techniques like geotagging.

How does this project assist County Parks? Photos may be used on our website, in promotional materials, or public presentations (credit will always be given!) Photos are also essential part of recordkeeping. They help us tell the story of the special moments and one-of-a-kind experiences found in our parks & preserves.

For more information about Washtneaw County's volunteer program contact:
People & ActivitiesLandscape & Gardens

Faye Stoner
(734) 971-6337 x 334   


Kathy Squiers
(734) 971-6337 x 336

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