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Staebler Farm County Park

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Staebler Farm County Park

The 98-acre Staebler Farm Park consists of historical buildings, lakes, farm fields, meadows, mature woodlots, and wetlands.  At present, the property is not open to the public.   

Staebler Farm County Park Mission:

Staebler Farm County Park, a community resource, will foster sustainable, healthy living and celebrate the rich farming traditions of Washtenaw County  through historical collections, interpretive programming, agricultural uses, and a variety of  recreational opportunities. 

Site Master Plan:

A Site Master Plan has been developed to determine the park's future amenities and recreational opportunities, which will highlight Washtenaw County's rich agricultural heritage.  The plan defines an overall vision for the park; sets goals and objectives to guide the physical development; and establishes development phases. 

Through the planning process, Parks staff sought stakeholder and public input to help develop the goals, general plan concepts, and desired recreational amenities.  The plan is intended to be flexible in order to adapt to changing community needs and funding sources.

On August 8, 2017, the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission adopted the park's Site Master Plan.  This webpage will be updated as development proceeds.


Site Master Plan Report (PDF)

Site Master Plan (map)

Near-Term Development (map)

North Site Development - Concept (map)



The Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission (WCPARC) is committed to offering high-quality and diverse programs at Staebler Farm Park.  To help accomplish this goal, WCPARC is pleased to partner with The Michigan Folk School, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hands-on experiences in traditional folk arts, crafts, and skills, to develop their future home campus at the park.  Updates will be provided as plans are realized.

To learn more about The Michigan Folk School and the classes they offer, visit:

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