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Rolling Hills Day Camp - Camper Information

Welcome to Camp

We look forward to having your child at camp this summer!  This web page has all the information you'll need to prepare for attending camp.  If you haven't found the information you're looking for, please see the contact information below.

Emergency FormThis form must be completed in full and turned in on your child's first day of camp.  One form per child.


Drop Off/Pick Up - Camp Begins at 9:15 a.m. and ends at 4:15 p.m.  If you need to bring your child prior to 9:15 a.m. or pick him/her up after 4:15 p.m., you must pre-register and pay for pre-camp and/or post-camp.

As you enter Rolling Hills, please stop at the gatehouse and inform the staff member you are dropping off/picking up for day camp.  Continue through the traffic circle past the water park and take the first driveway to the left to drop your camper off at the park Lodge.  
We record each camper’s arrival and departure each day and verify the identity of who picked them up.  When picking up any child you will be asked to show identification to ensure the safety of each child at camp. We appreciate your cooperation with this procedure.  

Lunch - 
Campers will not have access to a refrigerator or microwave.  We encourage campers to bring waste-free lunches and snacks.  A waste-free lunch is one where every item or wrapper can be eaten, reused, or recycled.  Campers are not allowed to share food.

Water Park Visits - Camp will visit the water park 3 times per week.  Generally on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but some days are rescheduled due to weather.  Each camper will be given a swimming test at the beginning of our first water park visit each week.  If the camper does not pass the swimming test, access to the water park will be limited to certain areas.  Retests will not be given.
Inclement Weather - In the event of a Tornado Warning for the Rolling Hills Park area (Eastern Washtenaw County), parents should come pick their child up from camp immediately.  It is our policy to evacuate all guests and close the park if a tornado warning is issued for our area.  If we are unable to evacuate all campers, staff will remain with them in our designated safety locations throughout the park until the warning is lifted.
Camp T-shirt - Each camper will receive a camp T-shirt on Monday morning.  We ask the children to wear this camp shirt each day.  This helps counselors easily recognize the children they are responsible for.  Additional T-Shirts are available to purchase for $5 each.
Special Instruction Slips - These forms (located at check-in) are to be completed and handed to camp staff, in the morning, when the child will be picked up early  or you have other special instructions for the camp staff to aware of.
Monday Morning Camper Orientation - At the beginning of each week, we will divide the campers into small groups according to age and hand out camp T-shirts. We will also share our expectations with campers of what they can and cannot do while they are at camp.  Some of our rules include having respect for each other, being good listeners, and being kind to one another. We also talk about nature preservation and the prohibition of items brought to camp that would represent a danger to anyone.  After this short meeting, we will begin a great week of summer camp! 
**Please note that any camper who hits another camper will be dismissed immediately**

How will Camp Counselors communicate with me?
Every day at drop-off/pick-up there will a white board with daily notes for parents to be aware of (rescheduled water park visits, things to remember, etc.).  If a Counselor needs to speak with you directly about your child, he/she will typically do so at the end of the day when the child is picked up.  If there is a medical issue, the Counselor will call you at the phone number listed on your child's Emergency Form.

Can my child just eat lunch at the Water Park Concession Stand on the days Camp goes swimming?
No.  Lunch is eaten at the Lodge/Pavilion before we go to the water park.  Campers may bring a few dollars to get a snack (ice cream, pretzel, etc.) from the Concession Stand during swim time, but will not be permitted to order meal items.
There is also a soda vending machine in the Lodge, and we prefer you not send money for your child to use it.  We encourage Campers to drink water throughout the day.

I forgot to pack my child a lunch - what do I do?
Campers are not permitted to share food with one another.  If a Camper does not have a lunch packed, we will contact you when we become aware of it.  You can either bring your child a lunch, or we can take a credit card number over the phone to purchase a hot dog or hamburger meal from the Concession Stand.  Staff can only make a special trip to the water park for this rare occasion.

What if my child is going to be late or not attending Camp?
If you know in advance that your child will be late or not attending, please inform us in person the day before.  If you are not aware of your child being late/absent until that day, please call Camp at 734-484-9676 x0.  This is very important because we may be holding up activities based on the assumption that your child will be at camp.

What should I do if I am picking my child up early from Camp?
Please let Camp staff know when you drop your child off in the morning.  This way we can have your child ready and waiting for you.

What do I do if a person other than myself needs to pick up my child?
All persons over the age of 18 who are eligible to pick up your child must be listed on their Emergency Form.  If the individual is not listed on the form, you may ask the Coordinator to update your form prior to that day or submit a letter stating the day, time and full name of the person picking up your child from camp (ID required at time of pick-up).

What if my child is sick?
As a health standard, courtesy to other Campers and staff, and for the well-being of your child, sick Campers (runny nose, fever, etc.) are not allowed to attend Camp.

Will my child be watching movies?
Any movies shown will be rated G only.  Movies will only be shown on rain days when Camp activity is limited to the Lodge.

If my child leaves something at Camp, where could it be found?
Lost & Found is kept through the last day of Camp.  Please speak with a Counselor if your Camper lost an item and you need to look through the bin.

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