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Rolling Hills Pavilion Shelters

Renting a Pavilion at Rolling Hills Park.

Pavilions are rented on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved without a completed application and payment of rental fees.  There are numerous picnic tables and grills located around the general park and in the outer water park area.

1.  Rental applications are accepted beginning the first business day in October for the following year.  This process begins at 8:30 a.m. at the park office.
2.  Fill out a Pavilion Application and  submit completed form in any of the following ways (Please contact us if you'd like an application mailed to you):
    •  Drop off in person at Rolling Hills Lodge, 7660 Stony Creek Road  Ypsilanti, MI 48197
    •  Mail to: Rolling Hills Park, 7660 Stony Creek Road  Ypsilanti, MI 48197
    •  Fax form and payment information to (734) 484-9703
3.  Need an alcohol permit?  An application for an alcohol permit (beer and wine only) is available upon request for no additional charge and must be completed in advance.
4.  An email confirmation will be sent to you confirming your rental date.  If your requested date has already been reserved, we will call you immediately to find an alternative shelter or date.

General Rules Regarding Pavilions:
• During emergency weather conditions, the pavilions may be used as shelter for other patrons in the park.
• Driving to the pavilions to load or unload is allowed within reason and with permission of the park manager.  There is no parking at the pavilions.
• No pets are allowed at the pavilions.
• Alcohol is ONLY allowed at the pavilion with special permit (pdf).
• Parking space is not guaranteed with pavilion rental.
• Any request for refund of the rental fee must be made in writing, and will be issued only when another group has rented the pavilion for the same time. A $10 processing fee is charged for all refunds.

For further information and complete list of rules, please refer to the pavilion application.

Online Reservations

Prairie Pavilion  
(+6 universal)
145.00 200.00           

• Group size picnic grill
• Located adjacent to large parking area
• Very near water park, horseshoe pits, mowed playfield and permanent restrooms

Woodland Pavilion
(+6 universal)
80.00 100.00 • Located on edge of wood lot overlooking pond
• Offers the most privacy of all pavilions
• Group size picnic grill
• Only a few steps on a paved trail from parking lot
Sunshine Pavilion
(+10 universal)
80.00 100.00 • Group size picnic grill
• Located adjacent to large parking area
• Very near playground, sand volleyball court, mowed playfield and permanent restrooms
Family Unit (2)
Unit A
Unit B
(+2 universal)
25.00               25.00 • Picnic grill and 2 picnic tables
• 2 units available near Prairie Pavilion - a few steps from the parking lot and water park

Great Room/Lodge
w/ Patio & Grill

(all universal)
(+2 universal)
125.00 125.00
• Air-conditioned, indoor meeting space
• Variable seating for 30 guests
• Vaulted ceiling, gas fireplace and scenic views
• In warm weather rental includes outdoor patio and grill
• Permanent restrooms

Please Note:

* Universal Seating is seating space available for wheelchair, highchair, or personal lawn chair use.
* The Great Room is not available for rent during winter park operations and the restrooms are available to the general public at all times.
* With the exception of the Great Room at the Lodge, the pavilions at Rolling Hills do not have running water or electricity.

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