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Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2004 - 2008

Table of Contents


Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: History of WCPRC

Chapter 2: Community Background

2.1 Washtenaw County Background

2.2 Parks and Recreation System

2.3 Types of Recreation Areas

2.4 Recreation Providers

2.5 Local Recreation Summary

2.6 Other Recreation Providers

2.7 Washtenaw County Schools

Chapter 3: Natural and Cultural Features

3.1 Physiography

3.2 Water Resources

3.3 Vegetation

3.4 Wildlife

3.5 Open Space

3.6 Cultural and Historical Resources

Chapter 4: Demographics

4.1 Population Characteristics

4.2 Age Demographics

4.3 Race and Gender Demographics

4.4 Household Characteristics & Housing Trends

4.5 Employment and Commuting

4.6 Land Use

Chapter 5: Administration

5.1 Washtenaw County Parks Mission

5.2 Commission Structure

5.3 Funding

5.4 Natural Areas Preservation Program

Chapter 6: Recommendations

6.1 Basis for Action

6.2 Greenways and Trails

6.3 Natural Areas & Environmental Quality

6.4 Environmental & Cultural Education

6.5 Additional Facilities

6.6 Recreation Programming

6.7 Parks and Recreation Administration

6.8 Maintenance

Chapter 7: Existing Facility Improvements

County Farm Park & Murray Recreation Center

Cavanaugh Lake Park

Independence Lake

Osborne Mills Preserve

Park Lyndon

Park Northfield

Parker Mill County Park

Pierce Lake Golf Course & Park

Rolling Hills County Park

Sharon Mills County Park

Staebler Farm

Superior Center Park

Capital Improvement Schedule

Appendix A: Core Advisory Group Summary

Appendix B: WCPRC Survey

Appendix C: Public Hearing Comments

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