LeFurge addition locator map
Campers eating watermelon
Campers and water fun at County Farm Park
A Turtle, Campers and Faye Stoner, County Parks Naturalist
Campers in spray created by Ann Arbor Fire Department Personnel
Parks' Naturalist Faye Stoner with mom & child tapping a new tree
Sample of Nostoc, a bluegreen algae found in the "cryptogamic crust" on the newly forming soils of the pit
Pioneer High School seniors sitting on a two million year old glacial boulder at the new Fox Science Preserve! They're taking part in a science course taught by John Russell, member of the County's Natural Areas Technical Advisory Committee
Before You Go to the Park
Dogs in the Park
Far from a barren wasteland, the former gravel pit at the new Fox Science Preserve hosts many mosses, five species of prairie grasses, eight species of goldenrods, asters and shingle oaks!
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Locator Map for Fox Science Preserve
Boy Scout Ryan Paul planned, built and installed 12 bat boxes at the Leonard Preserve in Manchester Twp.
Boy Scout Ryan Paul
Boy Scout Michael Carpenter planned, designed and built a new boardwalk at the edge of Lake Genevieve, a wonderful amenity for vistors to Park Lyndon
Boy Scout Michael Carpenter
New interpretive sign explores the cultural history of the preserve
From left to right: Ed Holley, Ed Wojtan and Mark Weaver
Free Fishing Day at Rolling Hills
Independence Lake Beach
Park Planner Kira Macyda turns the waterwheel with engineer Dave Wheeler. Mr Wheeler volunteered his time and expertise to help make the hydroelectric generator operational once again.
West Lake Locator map
Boardwalk at Ervin-Stucki Preserve
Lovely lake view at the Brauer Preserve in Freedom Township
Warming Up at the Park Lyndon North Shelter
Grasshopper sparrow eggs hiding in the Beaudoin Prairie at the Leonard Preserve
Fitness Class Photo
Park staff and master Gardeners review the Prescribed Burn Plan for the native plant display gardens at Parker Mill Park
Ice fishing on Independence Lake
Independence Lake Swamp Walk
Model T's Headed South on Sharon Hollow Rd.
Barred Owl (Strix varia) photo by Laura Erickson
Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) photo by Tom Munson
MLM Rec Center Entryway
Recreation Center Workout
(l-r) Jonathan Templin, Lamarr Miller, Kathryn LaRock and Adam Sierota
Repairs being completed on one of the historic barns
Example of a typical bent profile in timber frame construction
Former stables have been transformed into a temporary workshop
left to right- BACK ROW: Barb Orlik, mark Weaver, Gus Rosa, Thomas Power, Eric Edwards, Michael Ferszt, Jon Keith; FRONT ROW: Marie Candiotti, Cortney Puffer, LaJuene Ferrell, Sherry Thomason
Tubing down the sledding hill at Rolling Hills County Park
Master Gardener Jan McCarthy-Henkel shares information with visitors
Eastern Screech Owl (Otus Asio) photo by Don Chernhoff
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