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Washtenaw's Natural Resources: Get to know Faye Stoner


Naturalist Faye Stoner has been with Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation since 1999, and worked with the Huron Clinton Metroparks as a naturalist for 11 years prior to that. 

County Naturalist Faye Stoner with a young Sap to Syrup student Currently, Faye has a lot of great programs coming up! The very popular Sap to Syrup is scheduled for this Saturday, March 3rd at 1:00 pm at County Farm Park in Ann Arbor. According to Faye, The only places on planet Earth that have the right weather and enough of the right trees to make syrup commercially are northeastern North America and parts of the Midwest. Tapping the trees for syrup usually starts in late February to early March due to the warmer days and colder nights. Any maple tree will produce the sap, but sugar maples are really the best, says Faye.

(For Sap to Syrup, pre-registration is required. Contact Faye Stoner, or call to register for this event at (734) 971-6337 ext. 318)

Faye believes that being a naturalist is about teaching. With her background in the sciences and certification in elementary and environmental education, shes a natural for teaching local residents about our abundant local resources.  Take some time to take advantage of all that outdoor Washtenaw County can offer - including Naturalist Faye

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