Unique elements of the discovery garden
Rock 'n Cross
New playground equipment at Cavanaugh Lake park (Images courtesy of BigToys)
County farm park trail map
New farm-themed discovery playground
Rolling terrain at County Farm Park
Variegated foliage of 'patriot" hosta brightens up shady areas
Map of Kosch Headwaters Preserve
Dramatic spring flowers of the Star magnolia tree (Magnolia stellata)
The open and airy Medford Pavilion
County Locator map
Eagle Scout candidate John Hatch (left) building a boardwalk in the DeVine Preserve
Thirteen-lined ground squirrel
Nocturnal Southern flying squirrel
Nocturnal souther flying squirrel in flight
Fox squirrel
Gray squirrel
Red squirrel
Kathy & Mike
Brian Machemer, Bill Kaltz and John Meriwether
Szumko Family at checkpoint
Mature beech at the Kosch Property in Superior Township
Farm elements of the discovery garden
Pittsfield Township Logo
Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Logo
Pond view from the new deck at the lodge
Securing the edge of the burn amid smoldering grasses at the Leonard Preserve
Spray Zone at Independence Lake
Access garden at County Farm Park
New playground in County Farm Park at use
Silhouette at Independence Lake
Independence Lake Meeting Room
Directional blaze sign
Buffer strips (left) along the actively farmed fields (right) at the Brauwer Preserve
Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise
Faye Stoner leading "Marsh March" at Independence Lake
Goodrich locator map
Kids feel flour ground at Parker Mill
Latitia Copeland
Miller Preserve locator map
Mike Wiley, Aquatic Ecologist inspecting a stream on a NAPP nominated property
Fitness class in the gym
Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center Pool
Track at the Recreation Center
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