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School Programs Detailed


We offer a wide range of nature field trips for various grade levels. Some, but not all programs can be adjusted to accommodate different age groups, length of time, locations, and multiple classes. If you would like a program description, please contact one of our Naturalists. 


Programs We Offer:

Animal Life Cycles - Frogs & Pond Life
Exploring the World of Insects
Glacial Geology
Geology Rocks!
Michigan Mammals
Nature & Earth Science Exploration
Pioneer Day
Pioneer Grist Mill & Log Cabin Tour
Signs of Fall
Signs of Spring
Water in Our World
Wilderness Survival




Curious to know more about the locations we host some of our programs at? For a brief summary of our most popular parks and preserves, please visit our Field Trip Locations page to see what other amenities each location has to offer!


Contact Our Naturalists

Kelsey Dehring
734-971-6337 x 330

Shawn Severance
734-971-6337 x 335

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