NAPP bylaws

Washtenaw County Natural Areas Preservation Program (NAPP)

Name, Establishment, Effective Date

Section 1:

The Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission ("WCPARC") Natural Areas Technical Advisory Committee ("NATAC") is established effective August 2, 2000, in accordance with Ordinance No. 128 of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners. Under this Ordinance, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners will create and appoint a seven-member body to be named the Natural Areas Technical Advisory Committee.


Incorporation of Ordinance No. 128

Section 2:

The procedures and requirements of Ordinance No. 128, as adopted by the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners on August 2, 2000, are incorporated by reference into these Bylaws as adopted by the Natural Areas Technical Advisory Committee.


Oath of Office

Section 3:

After appointment to the position, NATAC members shall take an oath of office to be administered by an authorized notary public.


Procedures - Meetings

Section 4:

NATAC shall adopt its own rules of procedure and shall keep records of its proceedings. NATAC shall hold regular meetings and shall designate the time and place thereof. All meetings of NATAC shall be open to the public, with notice of meeting published in conformance with the Open Meetings Act.


Quorum - Voting

Section 5:

Each member of NATAC shall be entitled to one vote on each question before the Committee. Four (4) members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of NATAC. A majority of the total number of members appointed shall be necessary for the following:

  1. To amend the Bylaws.
  2. To make a recommendation to WCPARC concerning purchase of a potential property.

All other actions would require a majority of members present and voting at a given meeting.


Natural Areas Technical Advisory Committee, Officers

Section 6:

The officers of NATAC shall be as follows:

  1. Chair. Elected by the members from its membership, the Chair shall serve for a one-year term, and shall be responsible for setting agendas and running meetings.
  2. Vice-Chair. Elected by the members from its membership, the Vice-Chair shall serve a one-year term, and shall be responsible to assist the Chair in the discharge of duties and perform the duties in the absence of the Chair.
  3. Recording Secretary. Shall be the Director of the WCPARC or designee. Shall be responsible for notice of meetings, maintenance of record of meetings, as well as receiving and reporting correspondence, records of transactions and items of a similar nature.
  4. Legal Advisor. The County Corporation Counsel or designee shall be the Legal Advisor to NATAC.



Report to Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission

Section 7:

NATAC shall annually render a report to WCPARC for the year ended the preceding December 31 which minimally shall include the following:

  1. A summary report of activities of NATAC during the preceding year.
  2. A proposed plan for the activity of NATAC for the following year.


Approved Forms

Section 8:

All forms utilized by NATAC in the performance of its responsibility shall be reviewed and approved by WCPARC.



Section 9:

NATAC members shall be indemnified by Washtenaw County against any liability, cost or expense, including attorney fees and amounts paid in settlement of any claim, arising out of any act or omission to act, except in the case of willful misconduct.



Section 10:

Any NATAC member conducting business with an owner of a property under review, or a vendor or bidder doing business with said owner, shall make a written disclosure of that relationship to NATAC.



Section 11:

Amendments to these Bylaws shall be executed by a majority vote of the full membership of NATAC. Prospective amendments to these Bylaws may be introduced at a meeting of NATAC and then executed at a following meeting. Notice of the proposed change shall be published and distributed to members, said notice to include the language of the proposed change. These Bylaws and any amendments thereto shall be placed on record with WCPARC.

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