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The policies/rules are intended for use when there are individuals waiting to play. These house policies/rules are based on the player survey responses.

Survey Results indicated that these house rules go into effect when there are 8 or more players waiting.

  1. We will change from traditional scoring to Play to 9, win by 1
  2. The player rotation system of All 4 players leave the court and enter the queue and 4 new players come from the front of the queue.
  3. The preferred method for tracking play order of waiting players is to use the paddle box.
  4. New arrivals go to the END of the line.
  5. If a group of players wish to stay together, they will allow other players to move ahead of them to complete a foursome, then they can play together.
  6. All levels of play are welcome at any time.
  7. No designated courts for level of play. 
  8. There will be a semi-annual survey open for two-weeks (April/October) for players to vote on rule satisfaction (results of this survey will determine if 1)  players are satisfied-which result in no change or 2) the need to accept suggestions/questions for a new rules survey exists
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