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Policies & FAQs


What is included in the membership to the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center?
MLM Members have access to cardio and strength training equipment, track, gym, pool and locker rooms.  Outside of some brief closures for cleaning (track and locker room), these areas are open whenever the building is open.  Classes and studio use are not FAQincluded in the membership.

Can I upgrade my pass?

Prior to its expiration, a shorter term pass may be upgraded to a longer term pass.  The amount paid for the shorter pass will be credited towards the price of the longer pass.  Upgrading a pass does not qualify for the renewal rate and the pass holder must keep the original purchase date.  (Exception, summer passes may not be upgraded - they are seasonal only).

How can I edit my household account information?  
If you need to update your address or add additional family members to your account, please call or visit our front desk Our staff will be happy to update any information for you.  Additionally,  you may also update this information online at

How do you define your family membership?
The family membership includes six people, living at the same address, with no more than two individuals 18 and over.  Additional dependent children may be included for $45 each.   Additional dependent adults may be included for $75 each.  Proof of residency and dependent status is required.  Non-dependent adults or children living at that same address may not be included in the family membership.

Are memberships refundable?
Our members are informed at the point of sale that memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Do you offer group discounts or scholarships on memberships?
We have never discounted or offered scholarships for membership.  In comparison to other local facilities who offer what we’re offering, our prices are clearly more affordable.

Do you still offer a free membership to anyone over 80 years of age?
From September 1991 to January 2011, anyone over the age of 80 was offered a free membership.   In January 2011, with more than 550 active “over 80” members, representing more than 10% of the total membership, the Parks Commissioners instituted a $50 annual pass fee for this age group.  On July 1, 2013, this fee was increased to $60.


Facility and Services:

What are the dimensions of your pool?
Our handicap-accessible pool is four lanes wide, 25 yards in length, 3.5 feet at the shallow end and six feet at the deep end.  You may swim 70.4 lengths or 35.2 laps to equal one mile.

What are the dimensions of your track?
Twelve laps around our two-lane track equals one mile.

When is the track closed for cleaning?
The track is closed from 1:00 – 1:30pm, M-F, for cleaning.

Do you provide a towel service or sell towels?
Participants are encouraged to bring their own towel, however, we do sell towels.

Do you have lockers so I can secure my coat, clothing or valuables?
The lockers on the main floor are 12”x12”x12” and large enough to hold a purse or shoes, valuables, etc.  The lockers in the men’s and women’s locker room are 34”x12”x12” and large enough to hold your coat, clothing and valuables.  All lockers are day use only and require .25 per use.

When are the locker rooms closed for cleaning?
Our housekeeping crew cleans the men’s locker room from 1:30 – 2:00pm, Monday – Friday.  The women’s locker room is closed for cleaning from 2:00 – 2:30pm, M-F.

Do you provide day care?
We don’t offer day care services.

Do you provide an orientation for new members?
We offer a weight room orientation for a fee.  Dates and times for upcoming orientations are available at the front desk.

Do you have a sauna or hot tub?
We do not have a sauna or hot tub.

Do you manage team sports at the recreation center?
Team sports are offered locally by Ann Arbor Community Education and Recreation (Rec/Ed 734-994-2300).  We are considered THE place for drop-in play in Ann Arbor, with multiple days of scheduled opportunities for badminton, basketball, Pickleball and volleyball.  The schedule is available on the website and at the front desk.

What activities do you offer for children?
We teach parent-tot, preschool and youth instructional swim classes year-round, in group lesson format as well as private or semi-private sessions.  Our day camp, for children in grades 1-5, is offered during the summertime with weekly field trips to Blue Heron Bay Spray Park and Rolling Hills Water Park.  Friday Night Fun Night is an open swim geared toward families on Fridays, 7 – 9p, with colorful floats and pool toys.  Our party space is available to rent for children’s birthday parties and other special occasions.

Do you rent the gym, pool or studio?
We don’t rent the gym, pool or studio.  We refer gym/pool rental requests to Ann Arbor Community Education and Recreation (Rec/Ed 734-994-2300).

Do you hold lost and found items?
We document and store lost phones, MP3 players, keys and jewelry (30 day maximum).  We do not manage lost and found services for clothing, shoes, towels or sports equipment.

How much does it cost to hire a personal trainer?
Each personal trainer is an independent contractor with fees listed on their websites.  Contact information is available on the bulletin board at the recreation center and on our website.


Do I have to be a member to take classes at the rec center?
Classes are priced separately from the membership and participants are not required to be members.

Are class participants allowed access to the facility? 
Registering for a class only allows you to participate in that class.  If you wish to use any other area of the facility before/after class, or at any other time, you are expected to purchase some type of facility pass.

Can I make up my classes?
Yes! We have a very flexible make up policy. If you miss a class, you may use that make up for ANY class during the week. It can be the same class, but it doesn't have to be. Between sessions, we have a Interim session. This varies in length of 1-2 weeks. During that time, you may use up any of your make ups from the previous session. Make up classes DO NOT carry over into the next session.








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