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Locker Rooms

Men's, Women's & Family Assisted Care Locker Rooms are available during building hours, excluding cleaning times.  The locker rooms are equipped with coin operated lockers ($.25/use) that are 34 inches tall.  It is encouraged that all patrons secure their valuables.  The MLM Recreation Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Additionally, each locker room has a handicapped shower stall. 

The Locker Rooms are cleaned and not available for use during the following times:
Men's -1:30pm-2:00pm (Monday-Friday) *effective 10/29/12
Women's - 2:00pm - 2:30pm (Monday-Friday)
Family/Assisted Care - Cleaned when not in use 

Locker Room Policy
Please be aware that children 6 years and older must use the same gender locker room.  A Family/Assisted Care locker room is available if the child is accompanied by an opposite gender adult). 
Assisted Care Locker RoomFamily/Assisted Care Locker Room
We have a space for those who need assistance changing exercise or swim apparel.  This locker room is also available for a child (accompanied by an adult of opposite gender) who is unable to go into the regular locker room alone, or may be too old to be in the opposite gender's locker room. The locker room key is available at the information desk.

Upper Level LockersAdditional Lockers
There are small "box" lockers (11 x 9) available for use on the first floor.  These lockers are coin operated ($.25/use) and for daily use only.  They are located along the wall between the studio and the cardio room. 

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