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Ian Ashton-Miller

*NASM certified personal trainer  *Attended Vassar College and the University of Michigan Ann Arbor-graduated with a Bachelors in Political Science *Scholar athlete who participated in cross country and track at Vassar and later pursued a pro career in track, basketball, and tennis *Owner/President/Chief Agent of White Lightening Sport and Entertainment Agency L. L. C. which develops and represents pro athletes and entertainers as well as develops products and research on sport performance and health outcomes *Currently getting a further certification in sport performance through NASM *Committed to clean sport and wellness—philosophy is to use no ped's or ergogenics apart from naturally occurring substances like gingko *Committed to drug-free athletes and participation in community building through my company to keep kids off drugs and committed to self-study *Still fielding pro offers and opportunities-I am always looking for training partners for tennis and people to participate in basketball development *I attended law school for a year on merit scholarship before leaving to pursue pro options and research opportunities in health care *I am famed for my many feats of strength, speed, and coordination *I have run a sub 4:30 mile, sub 3.00 3/4 court, sub 1 second pro three point line to the basket, and have benched and squatted 800 plus pounds* I am also a Kung Fu master in Lion and Dragon styles. 


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