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Demond Johnson

AFAA, AFPA, IFA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer 12+ years (retired US Army with 20+ years)

I will work with anyone desiring to embark on a new health and wellness journey, those interested in losing weight, or those who want to simply build muscular strength and endurance.

My methods include some of the very same of which I learned and used while working with NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and its former contestants. These include but are not limited to bootcamp based training, resistance, plyometric and biomechanics training.

I also work diligently with active aging and rehab clients as well as those of you who are seeking healthy eating alternatives to better your wellness.

United States Army Master Fitness Trainer

United States Army Weight Control Program Coordinator

United States Army Combatives Instructor/Lead BJJ Trainer A2 Fight Club

Health and Wellness Trainer for NuStep Inc and Packard Health


Read more about Demond at or simply google search Demond Johnson of Ann Arbor. You can also follow him on facebook at Demond Johnson and twitter at demond_johnson.


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