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BHB Spray Features



Counting down for the bucket to dump is a blast!




Water canons are perfect for soaking your friend.  Don't worry mom and dad, the canons can't spray water toward the lawn chairs!




The family section of Blue Heron Bay has a lot to offer, including a slide with no height restriction, numerous dumping buckets, floor jets, and more!

family area.jpg
Play structure.jpg



Our water play structure includes many interactive jets that you can use to spray your friends from up high!




Ride our water slides!  The minimum height requirement is 42".




Check out our spider in our tween section!  If you have enough friends to stand on the ground jets, the water pressure will build up in the legs of the spider to form a web!



The water from our jellyfish feature in our toddler area moves with the wind, making it look like it's alive!

Toddler Jellyfish.jpg
Toddler mushrooms.jpg





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