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WCPARC Trails Update    February 2011

1.   Border to Border trail

The Border to Border (B2B) trail is a planned non-motorized trail across Washtenaw County from Livingston County to Wayne County along the Huron River.  For implementation purposes, the trail is being developed in 13 segments from Segment A in the northwest (Livingston Co. border ) to Segment M in the southeast (Wayne Co. border).  Currently work is in progress or has been completed on the following trail segments:




2008 and 2009




2004 - 2007





Future Development (plans complete or in preparation)






2.  Connecting Trail Segments










Connecting Communities

In 2009 WCPARC announced a five year initiative to assist local communitiies to construct trails.  communitiies were invited to submit applications to receive County funds for hte construction of trails.  WCPARC offered to awared up to a total of $600,000 annually for five years. Application

Four projects were awared in 2011 to:

Manchester Village
Northfield Township
Pittsfield Township
Saline City

Four projects were awared in 2010 to:

Chelsea City
Northfield Township
Pittsfield Township
Ypsilanti Township

3.  Multiuse Trails in County Parks (paved) - added since 2002


4.  Other Trails in County Parks (not paved - developed since 2005)


Nature Trails


Mountain Bike Trails


5.  Natural Areas Preservation Program (NAPP) trails (unpaved)


  • 23 miles in 19 preserves developed since 2003


6.  Other

Geddes Road Pedestrian Bridge over US 23
~WCPARC contributed to the costs of hte bridge constructed in 2010

Whittaker and Stony Creek Roundabout and non-motorized path
~WCPARC contributed to the costs of hte project constructed in 2010



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