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Annual Doggy Dip

Dog Swim Panoramic

Dog Weight
Limit 2 dogs/person
September 8
September 9
35 lbs. and under 10am-10:45am Not available 
35-59 lbs. 11am-11:45am  11am-11:45am
60 lbs. or more 12pm-12:45pm 12pm-12:45pm

Rules for Dog Swim:
1. WCPARC reserves the right to deny admission for any reason.
2. Only the dogs will be allowed in the pool. Owners may wade up to their ankles.
3. An adult (18 years of age or above) must accompany their dogs at all times.
4. Owners will be responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.
5. Unruly or aggressive dogs will not be permitted.

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